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GCS is a full-service financial institution serving the following counties in Illinois: Sangamon, Logan, Macon, Marion, Jefferson, Perry, Jackson, Williamson, Jersey, Macoupin, Montgomery, Madison, Bond, Clinton, St. Clair, Monroe, Washington and Randolph.

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National Credit Union Youth Week is April 22-28, 2012. To celebrate, our youth members ages 18 and under can register to win 4 front row Gateway Grizzlies tickets! Stop by any branch during the month of April and enter to win.


GCS Federal Credit Union's 70th Anniversary

GCS Federal Credit Union was founded in 1941 and continues to serve its satisfied members to this day.

This video commemorates our 70th anniversary, celebrated in 2011. In this clip, you’ll hear about the changes GCS has undergone over the years. But despite these many advancements, GCS keeps the same values at its core. Credit unions are focused solely on their members, who are all partial owners of the company. As a non-profit union, every bit of money earned goes back to serving our members.

If you’re ready to switch from a corporate bank to a credit union where you are personally cared for, call GCS Federal Credit Union at (618) 797-7993. Our friendly and supportive staff is ready to explain all the benefits and services offered at our O’Fallon-area credit unions. 

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

Approved Credit Score.

Whether you’re starting a savings plan, preparing to buy a new home, or getting ready for retirement, your credit score has an important effect on your financial options. At GCS Federal Credit Union in O’Fallon, Illinois, we offer advice and help obtaining and understanding your credit report.

How Do I Find My Credit Score?

There are a number of factors that go into determining a credit score: history of bill payment, amount you currently owe, length of your credit history, any new credit you’ve obtained, and the types of credit used. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies to provide you with a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months, at your request. You can find out how to obtain this information by visiting the Federal Trade Commission’s website or your local credit union.

How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

The first step to improving your credit score is to check your current credit report for any errors. Once you’ve ensured your credit score is correct, you can start raising it. Making on-time payments is the biggest factor on your credit score. Set up a system for paying bills with your debit card that ensures you won’t miss any due dates. Another major factor is the amount of debt you currently have. By reducing your debt through responsible use of credit cards and making any overdue payments, you will raise your credit score. 

Why Is My Credit Score Important?

Your credit score affects every aspect of your finances. A high credit score means lower interest rates and higher spending limits on your credit cards. Your credit score also affects your eligibility when you apply for a loan for a vehicle, home, or education for your child. A better credit score leads to higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, and lower down payments. This means maintaining a good credit score will save you money in the future.

For more information and advice on your credit, call GCS Federal Credit Union in O’Fallon, Illinois at (618) 797-7993. Our experienced and caring staff is also always available to answer questions at any O’Fallon-area GCS branch.

Gateway Grizzlies Easter Egg Hunt

We invite your family to the GCS Ballpark on Saturday, April 7th for an Easter egg hunt you won't want to miss!

Where: GCS Ballpark

When: Saturday, April 7th

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Plan Smart for Retirement with These Helpful Resources!

Piggy Bank with retirement savings message

When it comes to your finances, it’s important to have everything in order. Gaining knowledge about personal loans and retirement savings can help secure your financial future. Explore the links below to learn more about loans, credit, and shopping smart. For more helpful information, contact GCS Federal Credit Union at (618) 797-7993.


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