Four Great Reasons You Should Be Using Direct Deposit

One of the many benefits of becoming a member at your local  credit union  is the ability to set up direct deposit of paychecks into your account. Direct deposit into your account offers a way to receive your income faster and more safely—keep reading to discover four great reasons why you should consider this banking feature today.

Electronic bank account

  • It’s Convenient

Every employee at your workplace gets paid on the same day, and payday is often the same for most companies. This can mean long lines—and long waits—to deposit your paycheck at the credit union. Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to spend it waiting in line. With the convenience of direct deposit, waiting in line is eliminated because your paycheck is deposited directly into your credit union account with no effort on your part.

  • It’s Secure

Mailed checks can be lost, stolen, or delayed, and you may misplace your check before you can deposit it. With direct deposit, your funds appear directly in your credit union account, so your check is never mailed and cannot be lost, stolen, or forgotten. 

  • It’s Profitable

Direct deposit puts your paycheck to work for you faster than ever. Your check is available and begins earning dividends immediately upon issuance when it’s directly deposited into your credit union account. Without direct deposit, that money can’t start earning interest or pay bills until you deposit it, which may not be for days until after it’s issued or received.

  • It’s Confidential

Because there is essentially no middleman, direct deposit ensures that your pay goes directly from your employer’s account into yours. Your information and funds pass through fewer hands—and fewer systems—for heightened privacy and confidentiality.

At GCS Credit Union we offer services such as direct deposit, credit cards, and loans in O’Fallon, IL . We’re here to ensure that your paycheck is deposited safely and starts working for you immediately every payday. To learn more about our offers and services, visit us on the web or call (618) 797-7993.

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