Taking a Look at Insurance Options Available from a Quality Credit Union

Choosing a plan of insurance can be complicated, especially when you consider providers, premiums, coverage, and other important details. In addition to providing credit cards and checking accounts, GCS Credit Union of O’Fallon is proud to offer several lines of insurance .

Insurance folders

Auto and Homeowners Insurance

  • GCS Credit Union has joined with a team of insurance professionals to create the MEMBERS® Auto and Homeowners Insurance Program. This unique program is considered the preferred property and casualty coverage solution for a number of reasons, including convenient e-service bill pay; online claim reporting; and free, no-obligation quotes. GCS enables you to make changes to your policy online and locate an agent at the nearby Liberty Mutual sales office.

Term Life Insurance

  • Term life insurance is a policy created with a set duration limit on the coverage period. Once the policy has expired, the owner may renew the coverage or let the term end.

Whole Life Insurance

  • Unlike term life insurance, whole life insurance is a policy that provides coverage for the entire life of the insured party, and therefore requires the payment of yearly premiums.


  • A fixed annuity allows you to receive a guaranteed payout amount and may be classified as immediate or deferred. A variable annuity may also be immediate or deferred, but provides payouts based on the annuity’s underlying investments rather than a guaranteed amount.

Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Long-term care insurance is a product designed to provide coverage for individuals who require long-term assistance. This may include coverage for skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, home healthcare, and hospice care.

Disability Income Insurance

  • Disability income insurance is similar to workers’ compensation benefits in that it is designed to provide financial support to individuals who can no longer work due to a physical or mental disability.

Find out which insurance product is right for you by contacting GCS Credit Union at (618) 797-7993. You can also visit our website for more information on our auto loans and mortgages available to residents of O’Fallon, Illinois. 

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