Four Reasons to Choose Direct Deposit for Your 2012 Tax Refund

When tax season comes to a close and refunds are distributed, many people prefer to receive their refunds via snail mail. However, direct deposit is now being offered as a faster alternative to mailed refunds. Learn more about why refunds are best received via direct deposit by reading below:

Direct Deposit Confirmation

When you have your refund mailed, you receive a check that must be endorsed and deposited at the bank. Since everyone in the United States receives their refunds at roughly the same time, you can expect to wait in a long line of other refund depositors at the bank. Rather than put yourself through the stress of waiting, you can  have the refund deposited directly  into your account.

Every year, the U.S. Post Office returns thousands of refund checks to the IRS as undeliverable mail. Many more are lost or stolen before they ever reach the recipients’ residence. With direct deposit, you never have to worry about your check falling into the wrong hands. Your funds are transferred directly into your account, with no chance of anyone intercepting them.

Sometimes the mail isn’t delivered as fast as you need it, especially when you have to wait for refund checks. You’ll never have to wait anxiously for your mailman again when you sign up for direct deposit. As soon as the IRS processes your funds, you will have instant access through your debit card.

The IRS allows you to specify multiple accounts into which you want them to deposit your refund. A paper check would require you to fill out multiple deposit slips at the bank, which is a time-consuming and meticulous task.

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