GCS Credit Union: Cub Club

Here at GCS Credit Union, we believe it’s never too soon to start saving for your future. That’s why we have the Cub Club for members ages 10 and under. As a member, Cubs can take part in a number of special club events , Youth week, and enter contests for exciting prices. Club members will also receive the quarterly ROCKSTAR SAVER newsletter, which provides helpful tips about money and how credit unions work. The Cub Club is free as long as children are members and open a 5 dollar savings account. Once members reach age 11, their membership will expire, but they will be automatically promoted to the CU Savers club.

Counting Pennies

Make sure your child is on the road to financial security by enrolling them in the Cub Club today! Contact  GCS Credit Union  at (618) 797-7993 for more information on the CU Savers club and the Get Mo Green Club for children ages 14 to 18. 

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