Answers to Your Questions About Credit Unions

If you are seeking a smart banking solution for your finances, you may want to join a credit union in O’Fallon . Credit unions provide their members with a range of great services and amenities, including online bill pay, home mortgage loans, and more. When you choose to bank at a credit union, you will also receive personalized customer service. To help you decide whether you should open your new checking account with your local credit union, here are answers to common questions about these institutions.

Questions about credit unions in O'Fallon How Are Credit Unions Different Than Banks?
When you are considering joining a credit union , you may wonder how these financial institutions are different from traditional banks. Unlike a bank, which are for-profit businesses, credit unions are cooperatively owned by their members. By offering cooperative ownership, credit unions are dedicated to providing their members with great rates and services.

Are There Requirements to Join a Credit Union?
Each credit union has its own specific requirements for becoming a member. For example, some credit unions are designed specifically for government workers or employees of a certain business. However, many other credit unions are open to everyone in the general public.

What Kinds of Services Are Offered By a Credit Union?
When you join a credit union, you can expect your financial institution to provide you with all of the different types of services that are also provided by a traditional bank. Your credit union will be able to help you take out a home or auto loan, and can also provide you with convenient online banking services.

If you are considering opening a new checking account in O’Fallon, be sure to visit GCS Credit Union. Our highly acclaimed financial institution can provide you with a full range of banking services, and we offer several convenient locations across the state of Illinois. To learn more about the advantages of banking with our credit union , give us a call at (618) 797-7993.

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