Reasons to Choose Payment Protection

Despite careful financial planning, things happen in life that could leave you struggling to pay your bills. By choosing Payment Protection from GCS Credit Union, you can shield yourself from the long-term implications of financial hardships so you can get back on track faster. Here are some of the reasons you should consider adding Payment Protection to your credit union loans.

If a hardship does occur, you can activate your Payment Protection benefits to protect your credit rating, stop late fees, and even eliminate a portion or all of your remaining balance. Having your payments covered by your protect plan also allows you to use the extra cash to meet your family’s needs.

Payment Protection is just one way GCS Credit Union invests in the financial health of our members. With affordable checking accounts and loans, competitive savings rates, and convenient online banking services, we make taking control of your money straightforward. Contact our credit union in O’Fallon at (618) 797-7993 to find out how you can take advantage of membership or how you can add Payment Protection to your loan accounts.

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