Becoming a Member at Our Credit Union

If you’re looking for an online banking option, and you’re also interested in getting great interest rates on loans and savings accounts, then it’s time to join GCS Credit Union in Illinois. If you live, work, or go to school in one of our covered counties, then you’re eligible to become a credit union member. Legal entities, including businesses, members of approved employee groups, and the family members of credit union members are also eligible. Once you open an account, you’ll remain eligible for life, even if you move to a non-qualified county or stop working for a qualified employer.

If you’re eligible, all you have to do is complete the simple application form. We’ll ask you for identifying information, including your date of birth. A representative may ask to see your driver’s license or other proof of identification before approving your membership.

To become a member at our credit union in O’Fallon, call (618) 797-7993, visit a branch near you, or complete our online application. The entire team here at GCS Credit Union looks forward to helping you save money and benefit from better interest rates.

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