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World-Class Credit Union in O’Fallon

For more than 70 years, GCS Credit Union has been serving residents in Illinois—protecting their money and helping them to achieve all of their financial goals. Though a lot has changed since 1941, our commitment to personal, customer service is as strong as it’s ever been. Give us a call at (618) 797-7993 to learn more about the advantages GCS Credit Union can offer you over a national bank.

Experience the freedom of community-powered banking!

Chances are, you’re already well acquainted with what “customer service” looks like at most banks. In their relentless effort to cut costs and maximize profits, it’s no wonder that personal, customer care is often left by the wayside. This is not the experience you’ll have at GCS Credit Union. We don’t answer to corporate shareholders; we answer to the members of our O’Fallon credit union. Of course, the fact that we’ve been community-owned and operated for more than seven decades doesn’t mean our banking services are out of date!

The full-service line of banking services available at GCS Credit Union includes:

Being a member-owned financial cooperative gives GCS Credit Union all sorts of competitive advantages—for both you and the community of O’Fallon. If you live, work, or attend school in O’Fallon, you are eligible for membership in our credit union. At GCS Credit Union, you’ll find that we respect the past and embrace the future—which is why we’ve invested so aggressively in the latest online and mobile banking technology.

For convenient, on-the-go banking services and unmatched local support, call GCS Credit Union today at (618) 797-7993.

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